Some Advantages Of Paying A Professional To Design Your Business Website You Might Not Have Considered

Surprisingly to me, one of the biggest areas of our business is rescuing local business websites from the depths of despair. I am constantly amazed at some of the responses I get from local business owners about how they went about creating their business website. How about some of these one liners …
  • A mate did my website for a carton of beer.
  • My son is quite creative so I let him build my website.
  • It’s a free website and only took me an hour to build, and the ads on my site aren’t too bad.
  • I found a “web developer” who only charges $395, I couldn’t believe my luck.
  • My partner built the website, she is in the office manning the phones all day so it made sense for her to build the site in her spare time.
  • I built it myself.
shocked web design manWell as you could imagine I was completely shocked that a business owner had that sort of attitude towards the prime mover (or what should be) of their online presence. Hello! People, if you haven’t realised how important a professionally designed and setup business website is to your very existence online by now then I fear your business will not survive for very long in todays technological world. A professionally built website will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It will tirelessly promote your business brand, it will spread your marketing messages, it will attract new interest in your products and services as well as it will collect targeted leads for you. If you haven’t realised that by now, or can’t get your head around the whole online presence concept your business future is going to be pretty grim. No, let me correct that, very grim. I know just from our own situation here at Everything Web Perth that the process a client goes through to get there website built ensures that our clients get exactly what they expected and more. Paula, our Design Director, goes to pain-staking lengths to learn from you how your business operates, what your goals are for the new website, how one product or service may be more important to you and why, what sort of promotions you have done in the past, how you handle enquiries and orders, all so that not only the image we build up of your new website is what you wanted but also how you want visitors to move through your website and where key areas are so we get maximum impact for your business. And that is just the design side of a new website build. While Paula is learning about you and your business, I start probing Google to see who are your main clients online, what similarities your opposition have to you, what keywords drive traffic to their website, what websites are connected to your opposition, what products or services are best performing online for your opposition, basically we dive so deep into your opposition websites we know exactly how they tick and armed with that sort of intelligence I come back to you and help you put an online business plan together so your business has the very best chance at success online. All of this happens before we even start building your website. Knowledge is power, and the team at Everything Web Perth have been helping local and big companies transition their business operations to online successfully for twenty odd years. Be smart in business, draw on this sort of experience and knowledge to give your business the very best chance of success online you possible can. If you really want to take your business to the next step and beyond then follow the link to contact Everything Web Perth for a no obligation exploratory meeting. You owe it to you and your business.
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